This robot is a Roomba for your bed

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As we keep having more and more better things to do (or get lazier) more household robots seem to appear out of nowhere to take over all kinds of household chores. By now we all know Roomba the automatic vacuumcleaner. Now meet Rockubot the robot sanitizer.

Robot vs. bacteria

Like Roomba Rockubot also sports a circular body and rolls around to do its chores. But where Roomba gets busy with dust and pet hair, Rockubot focuses on bacteria, mites and bed bugs. The robot is outfitted with 4 UV-C lights that eliminate germs and other nasty little creatures you don’t even realize are living around the house. And that’s a very good thing, as they can cause allergic reactions, rashes and trigger your asthma.

Rockubot cleaning robot
Image: Rockubot

The robot can be used to rid your bed of all that nastiness. Just place it on the covers or even under your duvet and it will start its route. Luckily the thing is outfitted with 24 AI sensors to detect edges and bumps along the road. So you don’t have to worry you’ll find your Rockubot broken on the floor at some point.

Rockubot cleaning robot
Image: Rockubot

Speaker, power bank and wireless charger

Apart from beds the robot can also be used to clean other surfaces around the house. It can even be used in a handheld mode to sanitize curtains and clothing. And then it has a few more tricks up it sleeves. Rockubot can surprisingly also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. It seems its makers have taken a page out of Snow White’s book to “whistle while you work”, cause it won’t take long when there’s a song. It doesn’t end there though, because this multifunctional device is sneakily also a 5200 mAh power bank and a wireless charger.

If you want to get your hands on Rockubot head over to At the moment you can get one for 159 USD instead of 249 USD. Another handy robot around the house is Samsung’s Ballie. It doesn’t clean, but it manages your smart devices and can keep the dog company.

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