iOS users can now preview Etsy art on the wall through augmented reality

Etsy augmented reality app

Placing art on the walls is an effective way to glam up your room and give it an instant style boost. It can be difficult though to find the right piece and even more daunting to imagine it hanging on the wall. Etsy is now helping out users with that last part by making use of augmented reality.

Virtual paintings, photo’s and prints

iOS users can now shop in AR and bring Etsy artworks to life on their own walls. The feature works with any item in the Paintings, Photography or Prints categories. To use the new viewing mode first select the item you want to see hanging. Then tap the augmented reality icon in the top right corner and move your phone or tablet to get the desired wall into view. Tap on the screen to select where you want the artwork to hang and it should virtually be placed on the wall. Move it around if you’re not satisfied or check out different sizes if available.

At the moment the AR capability is still a beta feature and only available on iPhones and iPads. According to Etsy Android users should be able to play around with AR paintings soon though.

Shopping and augmented reality

It isn’t the first time we’ve seen this kind of AR capability connected to online shopping. When Apple launched iOS 11 with its ARKit feature several shops decided to add some augmented reality to their shopping experience. IKEA launched its IKEA Place app back in 2017 to let users preview furniture inside their homes before committing. Houzz also jumped on the bandwagon, as did Target with its mobile site.

Gucci recently also decided to go virtual, but with a more personal touch. The company now lets customers enjoy a virtual in-store experience including a personal client advisor.

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