This sneaky watch is actually a health tracker

Bellabeat Time activity tracker watch
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A lot of activity trackers look pretty much the same and are easily identifiable as trackers. If you’re looking for something more subtle, Bellabeat’s Time tracker might just be the thing. It looks like an elegant watch, but tracks your health stats under the radar.

Bellabeat Time women’s health tracker

Bellabeat Time is designed by women for women. But even though it’s meant as a women’s health tracker, it shouldn’t discourage men from also wearing it if they want to sport the elegant looking wearable.

Just like any activity tracker the watch gives users insights into their daily lifestyle. The incorporated sensors track things like your activity time, sleep time, stress resistance and cycle stats (alright that last one might not be for men). The wearable even prompts you to get moving if it detects you’ve been slacking for too long. And of course it does in fact also tell time.

Bellabeat Time watch
Sleek activity tracker / Image: Bellabeat

Water resistant and hypoallergenic

Two things that are good to know is that Bellabeat Time is made from hypoallergenic stainless steel and can handle a bit of water. As for the battery, you pretty much don’t have to worry about it. Well maybe twice a year as a full battery should keep the tracker running for about 6 months.

Bellabeat Time watch
Bellabeat Time watch / Image: Bellabeat

Free personalized coaching

You can get the Bellabeat Time watch through the official website for 149 USD. The wearable is available in silver or rose gold and if you go for it, you even get 6 months of free personalized coaching.

Not only watches can track your stats though. If you’re more into rings also check out Movano’s sleek smart ring that gives you more than just stats.

Header image: Bellabeat

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