This Bluetooth speaker is a blank canvas for your own stunning designs

Trenbader Artlink Bluetooth speaker
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When you buy a speaker you’re pretty much stuck with whatever design the manufacturer chose. Sure, there are a lot of very stylish looking speakers out there but wouldn’t it be great if you could add your own design aesthetic? Well actually you can. The Trenbader Artlink is a wireless speaker outfitted with a blank canvas for your very own artwork.

Vintage look with a rich bass

The art loving speaker has a very retro look to it and seems to have taken some design cues from Marshall. Outfitted with wood for a vintage feel and an improved resonation compared to plastic, the device produces a distortionless rich bass and 360° degree audio.

Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 and the compact size you can use the speaker pretty much anywhere you like to play your favorite tunes. But if you’re a fan of the good old headphone jack, there’s that option as well. And if you’re not feeling very inspired you could also go for the radio mode and put your listening fate in the hands of AM and FM DJs.

Trenbader Artlink Bluetooth speaker
Artsy Bluetooth speaker / Image: Trenbader

Bespoke Bluetooth speaker

Now for the fun part: the promised blank canvas. With the speaker you get two interchangeable faceplates to display your own designs. The fabric is absorbent and allows you to use any kind of sketch pen or marker to create your unique artwork. The only thing to watch out for are oil based mediums, so lay off the oil paint (for now?).

Trenbader Artlink: design your own speaker

If your creative hands are starting to itch you can get the Trenbader Artlink through the official site. You can also get it on Amazon in a range of different colors starting from 59,99 USD. And if you’re in the mood for more fun speakers, check out these 5 surprising AliExpress gadgets. These speakers are more subtle though and actually don’t even look like they’d be able to play any music. Sneaky little buggers.

Header image: Trenbader

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