Samsung unveils mini robot to make life that much easier

Samsung Ballie
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Samsung recently unveiled what seems to be your own personal BB-8 to “understand you, support you and react to your needs”. The little robot is about the size of a softball and goes under the name of Ballie.

Next evolution of IoT

The company unveiled Ballie during CES 2020 and during the presentation Samsung executive H.S. Kim demonstrated (in his words) the “next evolution of IoT”. The little yellow ball followed Kim around on stage and obeyed several voice commands.

Samsung Ballie robot
Source: Dezeen

Samsung companion

So what is the meaning of Ballie exactly? Judging from the promotional video, Ballie is supposed to be a companion and new electronic member of the family. The sphere can be connected to your smart devices and keeps an eye on whatever you might need during the day (and night).

In the video we see Ballie starting off the day by opening the curtains to let the sunlight in. The little ball follows around its owner and helps out where it can with tasks like setting the ideal temperature. And even while the owner is away Ballie keeps helping out by entertaining the dog and sending a video of the whole thing to its owner. The little ball even covers up some doggy mischief by activating the robot vacuum cleaner.

Cute or creepy?

On the one hand it sounds like something everyone definitely needs, but on the other hand we can’t stop thoughts of Big Brother and the likes of “I, Robot” rising up. However it may be, Samsung’s cute little robot ball was met with enthusiasm and applause. At least the thing does look like the kind of robot you could handle if it decided to rebel.

Source: Dezeen, MarketWatch

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