Time to step it up Dyson. LG’s new cordless vacuum empties itself

LG CordZero ThinQ A9 Kompressor+ cordless vacuum cleaner
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When it comes to vacuum cleaners Dyson has always been the one to beat. They’re the Tesla of vacuums, but the competition has eagerly been lurking. Some two years ago AEG launched its FX9 Ultimate stick vacuum to take on Dyson and now it’s LG’s turn. With CES 2021 just the corner the company just teased a cordless vacuum cleaner with two standout features.

LG cordless vacuum with benefits

We’re talking about the LG CordZero ThinQ A9 Kompressor+. Nope it’s a not a name anyone will be remembering, but luckily the device is easily recognizable. The cordless vacuum looks sleek in its new charging station stand that has a few surprises in store.

What is one of the things we collectively hate about cordless vacuum cleaners? Definitely cleaning the attached dustbin that fills up way too fast. The new stand is outfitted with a fully automated dust removal system. When the vacuum is docked all that nastiness is automatically sucked into the stand and collected in an attached dust bag. That gives us a bit of extra leeway. And when the dust is taken care of the stand makes sure the vacuum is fully charged for its next use.

From vacuum to mop

Another interesting feature of the A9 Kompressor+ is the ability to use it as a mop. Just switch the nozzle and you can wet the floor to your heart’s content. And speaking about nozzles, the vacuum is accompanied by a set of six accessories and nozzles. There’s a 2-in1 combination tool, a crevice tool and a pet nozzle. And incidentally these can all be neatly stored away in the stand. Other features include two quick-change batteries and a touchscreen display.

The LG CordZero ThinQ A9 Kompressor+ is set to make its global debut at LG’s CES 2021 virtual exhibition booth on January 11. That’s when we’ll probably get the confirmation that the thing is way too expensive for our budget. To give you an idea, the LG CordZero A9 Ultimate retails for 599 USD.

Another device that helps out to keep the house clean is the little Rockubot. It looks like a mini Roomba, but instead of vacuuming it autonomously disinfects all your surfaces with UV-C light.

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