Burberry’s Shenzhen store is an ode to social media

Burberry Social Retail store
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When it comes to the digital world Burberry is definitely one of the frontrunners in the luxury scene. The company was one of the first luxury brands to test Instagram and enhance its stores with iPads. The latest addition to the digital empire is a Burberry social retail store in Shenzhen China.

First social retail store

The social retail store is the first luxury store to incorporate social media to such an extent. The company describes it as “a space of exploration, designed to inspire and entertain luxury customers, where they can interact with our brand and product in new and exciting ways, in person and on social media”.

Burberry social retail store
Image: Burberry

Burberry WeChat mini

The concept is a collaboration with the Chinese Tencent, which created a dedicated WeChat mini app for the occasion. The application is meant to enhance customer experience both physically and virtually. It enables shoppers to access VIP features such as store tours and acts as a platform for dedicated client services. The more customers interact in the app the more social Burberry currency they accumulate. And with that currency exclusive content and experiences are made available. These range from exclusive menu items in the accompanying café to content in the mini app.

Burberry social retail store
Image: Burberry

In-store digitality

The whole digital experience doesn’t only happen in the app though. When entering the Shenzhen store customers are met with an interactive window. The window acts as a living sculpture, inspired by the Burberry Autumn/Winter 2020 runway. It reflects the viewer’s shape and reacts to body movement. Inside the store all products have QR codes. These connect to digital screens and scanning them rewards shoppers with more Burberry currency.

So unfortunately the Burberry social retail store in only in China at the moment. But who knows, if it’s a success the company might just spread the concept across the globe.

With the Covid-19 crisis keeping most of us at home, shops have had to think of other ways to keep customers engaged. Last year Gucci created a virtual in-store experience to shop in style from the comfort of your home.

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