This golden PlayStation 5 is virtually unobtainable

Play Station 5 Golden Rock Caviar
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Since the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 5 on November 12 last year the device has pretty much been sold out everywhere. Many are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the game console and eventually they should succeed. However there’s a version that’s so exclusive only one person in the world will be able to obtain it. It’s Caviar’s Golden Rock PlayStation 5.

20 kg of gold

The name says it all as the device pretty much looks like a golden rock. The Russian company took about 20 kg of 18 karat gold, gave it a rocky texture, and covered the device with it. So although it would definitely be something thieves would love to get their hands on. it doesn’t look like they’d be able to make a quick getaway.

Of course Caviar didn’t forget about the DualSense controller. Luckily it didn’t get the heavy treatment. Instead they went for crocodile leather and 750 gold inserts.

Sony Play Station 5 gold Caviar
Image: Caviar

PlayStation 5 or a house?

So the question is, how much is one lucky (or not) person going to have to pay for all this? Unfortunately the Caviar website doesn’t list a price. But as a kilogram of cold costs about 61,000 USD at the moment, maybe you’d rather just buy a house.

Play Station 5 Caviar

Caviar isn’t the only company to give the PlayStation 5 the golden treatment. The British company Truly Exquisite actually beat them to it. Theirs is a more sleek looking device in yellow or rose gold. And if you really have your heart set on a golden PlayStation, the British version is about 11,000 USD.

Play Station 5 Truly Exquisite gold
Image: Truly Exquisite

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