Google Pixel Buds A: lower price, higher volume

Google Pixel Buds A
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After many rumours and leaks (some by Google itself) the Pixel Buds A-Series have now officially been announced. The earbuds are a cheaper version of the Standard Pixel Buds, but are definitely able to hold their own.

No skimping on sound quality

So the normal Pixel Buds are priced at 179 USD, while the Pixel Buds A come with the friendlier price tag of 99 USD. Obviously they don’t have all the features that the more expensive earbuds do, but surprisingly enough they seem to deliver the same sound quality. The Pixel Buds A also come with the same IPX4 rating against rain and sweatiness and support hands-free “Hey Google” voice commands. According to Google you can count on 5 hours of battery life in the buds and 24 if you add the battery in the charging case. And then when the earbuds are totally empty at some point, you can get 3 extra hours with just 15 minutes of charging.

Google Pixel Buds A
Image: Google

No wireless charging case

One of the features that didn’t make it to the Buds A-Series is wireless charging for the case. And while it’s a handy feature, it’s not all that much of a hassle to just plug in a USB-C cable. And usually wireless charging isn’t that fast anyways. Something else that didn’t make the cut are swipe controls for volume and that’s a bit of a bigger deal.

If you take a look at the earbuds, they don’t look all that different from the previous Google Buds. But if you look a bit closer you’ll see that they’re a bit smaller and that Google has softened the integrated ear hooks somewhat. Something else the company changed around is the overall volume. Yes Buds A seems to be the loudest so far.

The Google Pixel Buds A-series will be in stores from June 17th 2021. As for the available colors, you can get the buds in white, gray or olive green.

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