Don’t be fooled by this elegant fly swatter, it’s still deadly as ever

Second White Leaf Mosquito Swatter
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If you’re one of those people that tends to attract mosquitoes and other pesky bugs, you probably have an electric fly swatter lying around for counter attacks. And it’s probably hidden away somewhere, because well… why would you leave that hideous thing in plain sight? You’d think someone would finally come up with a more elegant design right? Well someone finally did. Meet Second White’s stylish Leaf Mosquito Swatter.

Automatic mosquito swatter

The design of the mosquito swatter was (ironically enough) inspired by nature and kind of resembles a dried futuristic leaf. The thing was especially made to be part of the interior and to be displayed on say a mantelpiece or coffee table. To keep it standing up proudly the swatter comes with a docking station. But the dock does more than just keep it looking pretty. It’s also handy for the standalone mode that uses UV-lights to attract mosquitoes and ensure their untimely demise all on its own. While in standalone mode the zapper stays on, so beware. It might not kill you, but being zapped isn’t all too pleasant either. Or hey, maybe you’re into it.

Leaf Mosquito Swatter
Image: Second White

Of course you might actually like hunting down mosquitoes yourself and that’s definitely also still possible. Just ditch the dock to use the thing like you would any other mosquito swatter. Unlike your usual swatter this one doesn’t work with removable batteries. Instead, you can use good old USB-C to power it after a day of hunting. You’d think the dock would double as a charger, but unfortunately it has other things on its mind.

I’m not sure if the Leaf Mosquito Swatter is actually for sale. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be at the moment.

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Header image: Second White
Source: Yankodesign

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