Nanoleaf’s light panels get a splash of natural sophistication

Nanoleaf Elements light panels
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Nanoleaf’s light panels have been around for a while, but for those of you who don’t know them: they’re touch-sensitive light-emitting panels that you can arrange on the wall to add a bit of ambiance to a room. Now the company is back with a natury update called the nanoleaf Elements line to “add a splash of natural sophistication”.

The new Elements panels are outfitted with a wood-like veneer to add an elegant and organic feel to your space. The veneer allows light to shine through, which creates a very cozy atmosphere. The new panels were designed to look good even while switched off and I’d say the company succeeded in doing just that.

Cool to warm white

Apart from the new look, the Elements line isn’t all that different from the standard Nanoleafs. Just like before the panels light up from both the front and the back and can be programmed with different lighting effects and patterns. The panels come with 11 preset lighting effects, but if you’re very particular you can go ahead and program some more with the accompanying app. And then you can also sync the panels to your favorite music or link the temperature of the light to circadian rhythms. To keep things down to earth the new panels don’t support RGB-colors, but are adjustable from warm to cool white.

You can get the new Elements line through the Nanoleaf website. The base Elements Smarter kit will cost you 299.99 USD and includes 7 wood-look panels and everything you need to get them glowing. For 99.99 USD you can add 3 fresh panels to your setup.

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