Google Assistant can now tighten your Nike Adapt BB shoes

Nike Adapt BB shoes with Google Assistant
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Over the years Google has done a pretty good job at spreading its virtual assistant all over the world. Google Assistant is available on an increasing number of devices and now it’s making friends with a whole batch of Android Apps. With this new found integration the assistant is even capable of tightening your back-to-the-future Nike Adapt BBs.

Google Assistant infiltration

Google recently made it possible for its assistant to not just open Android apps, but to actually perform specific tasks within those apps. For your Nike Adapt BB shoes that means you could say “Hey Google, tighten my Nikes” to feel extra futuristic. Other examples of the new capability are searching for stylish paintings on Etsy, getting up to speed on your Twitter news and checking out Jason Momoa on Snapchat. And don’t forget you can create your own voice commands with “shortcuts” if the official command just doesn’t sound quite right.

30 apps and counting

At the moment there are about 30 Android apps that allow Google’s assistant to get a bit more friendly with them: Spotify, Snapchat, Twitter, Etsy, Walmart, MyFitnessPal, Nike Adapt, Nike Run club, eBay, and Wayfair to name a few. Google expects more apps with the new feature to be available soon. So maybe in a while we’ll be able to control all our apps with an assistant. Pretty handy on the one hand, but the other hand…. have you seen the first episode of “Next”?

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