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You’d say that the more choices you have, the happier you feel. In reality it seems the more choices we have, the more frustrated we get. At least when it comes to movies and TV shows. Many of us have one or more streaming subscriptions, which often results in spending more time looking for something to watch than actually watching anything. If you’re tired of wasting time (valuable time you could spend on more fabulous things) the website “Movie of the Night” could be a real game changer.

Find the perfect content

The website offers visitors an extensive arsenal of options to find exactly what they’re in the mood for. First off you get to choose if you want to watch either a movie or a TV show. Next you can go for 21 different genres, including fantasy, action, comedy and romance. But as we know genre alone doesn’t really get you out of the woods. That’s why you can get more specific with keywords of your own.

Movie of the Night website

Movie nitpicking

And if that doesn’t get you anywhere you can get really specific. Movie of the Night lets you throw a range of release years in the mix and let’s you choose the language your show or movie should be in. You can even specify the runtime, look for a specific cast and crew or throw in an age filter. They even give you the option to skip high rated content and look for “trash instead (why?). But of course not all content is available on every streaming service, so as an added bonus you can also tell the algorithm to only look for content on Netflix or Amazon’s Prime Video.

Obviously the website is available on every device. But if you’re more into apps, they also have an application for Android in Google’s Play Store.

And if you really want to immerse yourself into your movie or show after you’ve found one to watch, check out the Wearable Virtual Cinema. This headset creates a private cinema experience anywhere you are.

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