Forget home cinemas, this headset gives you the experience anywhere

wearable virtual cinema headset

If you really want to immerse yourself in a movie, tv-show or game it usually helps if you have a big screen. That’s why beamers are so popular, as they’re an easy way to create the whole home cinema experience. But for a home cinema you do need to have the space and unfortunately not all of us do. Then again maybe you don’t actually need a lot of space for the cinema effect. The Wearable Virtual Cinema is a headset that creates the experience on the go.

Personal cinema headset

The headset is outfitted with two high-definition 1080p displays that mimic viewing your movie on a huge screen. The device provides a 53 degree field of view with an adjustable 58 to 70 mm interpupillary distance. And because it’s a portable device you can enjoy this virtual huge screen anywhere you are, be it an airplane, the train or just on the couch at home.

To get your content on the screens there’s 32 GB of built-in storage, but you could also just stream whatever movie or show you want to watch from your smartphone or computer. And of course there are built in speakers to complete the experience. The speakers come with noise cancellation technology and deliver clear sound up to 96 dB. Use the touch panel on the right to control the volume and you’re all set to go.

Wearable virtual cinema headset

Built-in eye correction

The headset is designed to be comfortable and has foam padding around the eyes, ears and headband. And if you’re worried about somehow getting your glasses inside the thing, don’t. The two screens can individually be focused from +2 to -7 diopters, so there’s no need for glasses or contact lenses while enjoying your personal cinema.

The Wearable Virtual Cinema is available online for 599.95 USD. But if you prefer using a projector after all, you should definitely check out this multifunctional side table. It projects anything on your smartphone on the wall or ceiling and keeps your phone charged.

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