Five ways to incorporate Alexa into your beauty routine

Ilona Braam Echo Dot Alexa
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By now we all know about Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa and how handy she can be to manage smart appliances around the house. But did you know Alexa is also a worthy beauty assistant? Discover the five ways you can incorporate her into your daily routine.

Beauty Meditation

As we know stress is one of the big no no’s when it comes to maintaining a healthy looking skin an causes premature aging. Luckily there’s an effective way to combat stress and that would be meditation. And the theory is that when you’re relaxed, your skin is also more receptive to your beauty products. The Beauty Meditation skill gives you a list of different relaxing soundtracks specifically focused on your beauty routine. Think “Moisterizing meditation”, “Stress free beautiful skin”, and “One of a kind beauty” to name a few. Simply ask Alexa to open Beauty Meditation to get the complete list or have the assistant put on a specific track directly.

Beauty Tips

The next skill, called Beauty Tips, comes in handy if you’re looking to improve your routine. As the name suggests it gives you tips on what to do and what to avoid. After you enable the skill you can manage it in the Flash Briefing section of the Alexa app. To get the tips just ask Alexa what your flash briefing is. If you have more flash briefings installed you might get those first.

Pro Beauty Talks: Beauty News

Next up is Beauty News, because it can pay off to keep up with what’s new. This skill is also a flash briefing and gives you the scoop on what’s new in the beauty business. Found out what’s happening with influencers, industry leaders and guru’s and discover new products and beauty services.

Alexa, Make Me Beautiful

This skill can literally give you beautiful skinl if you follow the advice Alexa has for you. Simply say “Alexa, make me beautiful” and a whole world opens up to make it happen. Learn how to get rid of dark spots, acne or get tips on make up, exfoliation and even plants.

Beauty Hacks

And last but not least we have Beauty Hacks. Now who doesn’t love a good beauty hack? The skill was created to share uncommon beauty information to improve your routine. So get busy with Alexa with DIYs or just gather information you probably didn’t know.

So that’s it for now. We’ll be back with more Alexa skills, but if you can’t wait check out these five skills to stay glam.

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