Get your home fabulously organized with Marie Kondo’s online course

Marie Kondo KonMari course online
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If you have Netflix you’ve probably heard about Marie Kondo and her interesting way of tidying up around the house. Even if you don’t have Netflix you’ve probably seen the Japanese organization guru pass by online. And as we’ve all been cooped up at home it seems interest in the KonMari method has spiked. That’s why Kondo decided to offer an online course and now we can all start decluttering KonMari style.

Fundamentals of Tidying

The course is called ” Fundamentals of Tidying” and consists of 10 episodes in which Kondo demonstrates the foundations of her KonMari method. Each eposode is 3 to 20 minutes long, depending on how much there is to explain. Subjects range from papers and clothes to making a plan and living with joy.

Marie Kondo KonMari online course
Image: KonMari Media, Inc

Personal Marie Kondo time

Now of course you already get a lot of info in the Netflix how “Tidying with Marie Kondo”. We all know by now to get rid of items that don’t ” spark joy”, but the course takes a more personal approach. Kondo’s husband and KonMari CEO Takumi Kawahara explains that a lot of people have been wanting to connect more intimately with Marie, asking for demonstrations of various techniques. That’s why in the course Kondo speaks to the participants directly as if in a on-on-one session.

If you want to give it a go, sign up on the KonMari website for 39.99 USD. There’s also the possibility to gift the course to a friend that really needs to get cleaning up. And luckily the Fundamentals of Tidying is available on every platform. So no more excuses. Let’s change 2020 to the year we all got our homes fabulously organized.

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