TikTok adds fabulous AR filter, just a bit too late

TikTok augmented reality iPhone 12 Pro
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To ring in the new year and celebrate the end of 2020 TikTok recently released its very first AR filter for the iPhone 12 Pro. The effect in question is a countdown to 2021 followed by a golden ball drop. Which would have been more fitting about a week ago.

Realistic TikTok effects

But that being said the effect does look quite fabulous thanks to the iPhone 12 Pro’s LIDAR capabilities. The technology allows for a realistic settling of the released confetti on people and objects in the frame. In a tweet TikTok lets us know that we can expect more innovative effects this year to visually bridge the digital and physical worlds.

All about LIDAR

The addition of LIDAR tech on the new iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max is a logical one, seeing as augmented reality has been gaining a lot of traction lately. AR apps for example have been springing up like mushrooms. From games like Pokémon Go to home decoration apps, de technology is widely applicable. And of course the LIDAR-sensor also makes our beloved portrait mode pictures more fabulous by adding more layers of depth.

TikTok isn’t the first major company to make use of Apple’s LIDAR feature. Last year Snapchat had some fun with it, allowing users to create their own enhanced AR filters.

Last year was definitely a big year for Apple tech. Apart from the new iPhones Apple also launched its very own Mac computer chip that made its debut in some of the best MacBooks to date.

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