Create your ultimate spa moment with Kohler’s voice-activated smart bathtub

Kohler smart bathtub voice activated
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Every now and then we all need to take a step back from the world to just relax and rejuvenate. And lately it might be wise to crank up those stress-free moments with everything that’s going on. Heck we might even get invaded by aliens later this year if we’re to believe certain stories online. But anyways if the bathtub is where you find your peace and quiet, Kohler’s new smart bath should definitely do the trick. And you don’t even have to lift a finger thanks to Alexa and Google Assistant.

Perfect water temperature

The smart bathtub is equipped with pretty much everything you need to create whatever experience you’re craving. Use the app or the built-in voice assistant to tell the tub what your preferred water level is and how hot the water should be. And although that already makes the bath experience a lot more convenient, the tub has more to offer. It also combines steam, lighting and aromatherapy to set the mood and help you wind down.

Relaxing routines

If you’re a creature of habit and love to stick to the same routine, it’s possible to set the exact order of events. You could for example have the tub fill itself up to a certain level and temperature. And once that’s done have it set the mood with some blue lighting and create some mysterious fog. To finish things off the thing might fill the bathroom with your favorite scent after you’ve relaxed for a few minutes.

Kohler smart bathtub
Image: Kohler

Price and availability

You might have guessed that a bathtub that can do all that doesn’t come cheap. It does come in different versions with varying features and prices. The basic model lets you control the water level and temperature and comes with an estimated price tag of 8,698 USD. If you want steam and aromatherapy you’re looking at about 10,998 USD. And if you definitely need the lighting feature you’ll have to be content with spending around 15,998 USD. We’ll know the exact prices when the smart tub becomes available. If you want to be the first to know, leave your email address on the Kohler website.

The reason some people prefer a bath over a shower, is the ability to lie down and take your time. Having a shower doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t lie down though. The Horizontal Shower for example combines the shower and bath experience and even throws in some massage.

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