Apple launches special AirPods Pro to celebrate the Year of the Ox

Apple AirPods Pro year of the ox
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Ever since they launched late 2019 the AirPods Pro have been incredibly popular. It seems Apple is trying to keep the high. In honor of the Chinese New Year the company has announced a limited edition version.

Oxified AirPods Pro

This year we’ll be entering the Year of the Ox and the exclusive AirPods Pro case has fittingly been adorned with an image of the bovine. Actually two as there’s a smaller one emerging out of the head of a bigger cute looking ox. And that’s pretty much the only difference between the normal AirPods Pro and the special edition.

Apple AirPods Pro year of the ox
Image: Apple

Same old specs

The Year of the Ox version comes with the same specifications as the original earphones. That means active noise cancellation, an ambient mode, Adaptive EQ, and a battery life of more than 24 hours to name a few things. Fortunately Apple chose to keep the price the same as well, so you’re looking at 249 USD.

There is a downside though for people wanting to celebrate the Year of the Ox with their earbuds. Unfortunately the AirPods are only available in Asian countries, including China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Apple does expect its fans to go wild, as there’s a restriction of only two pairs per order. To add a bit of extra flair the websites where the Pods are available have gotten a special Apple logo with (you guessed it) an incorporated ox.

Apple AirPods Pro ox
Image: Apple

But ox or not, AirPods and earphones in general keep having the nasty habit of falling out. What to do about it? These earrings were made especially to keep them in place.

Source: 9to5Mac

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