No one is more serious about bedazzling smartphones than these guys

Caviar iPhone 11 Pro
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Where years ago smartphone companies occasionally seemed to put in some effort to deliver an especially glamorous phone like the golden Nokia 7370, nowadays everyone only seems to be focused on making things as thin and tall as possible. Fortunately it’s also possible to glam things up after the fact and that is exactly what the Russian website Caviar is all about.

Beauty has a price..

However they do say that beauty has a price and in this case it’s a price that will probably immediately give you a headache. Caviar specializes in bedazzling the latest smartphones (that already have dizzying prices) with luxury materials such as gold, titanium and diamonds. The prices range from 4.490 to 51.650 dollars for an iPhone 11 Pro and for a blinged up Samsung Galaxy Fold you’ll have to dish up 6.250 to 10.630 dollars. The most expensive model being a golden Game of Thrones edition.

Caviar Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphones
Source: Caviar

From smartphones to watches and earphones

Apart from an iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung Galaxy Fold it’s also possible to get hold of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 with some added bling. In addition to the smartphones Caviar also made sure to provide visitors with extra glamorous AirPods and even Apple’s charging case got the slick treatment. More in the mood for a watch? They’ve also got you covered if you want to know what time it is and want to do so in style.

Caviar Apple AirPods
Source: Caviar
Caviar watch
Source: Caviar

So if you’re looking for some fancy looking gadgets, Caviar is the place to be. And because they bedazzle existing smartphones, you can even walk around with the latest devices. Win-win right? Well except for the price.

Source: Caviar

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