LG unveils face mask with built-in air purifier

LG face mask puricare
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Where at the beginning of the year a lot of people mainly associated face masks with surgeons and nurses, it seems the things have now become part of daily life. And it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. Companies all over the world are trying to make the best of the new development and have come up with all sorts of masks. LG is one of those companies, but didn’t just create a mask with a cute pattern. Their mask actually purifies the air for you.

Next level portable protection

LG’s purifying mask has been coined the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier and was unveiled during IFA 2020. The mask promises to provide the wearer with clean personal air and, according to LG, delivers a new level of portable protection. It’s outfitted with two H13 HEPA filters and dual fans to keep all that nasty air away from your precious face.

Thanks to LG’s patented Respiratory Sensor technology the mask automatically adjusts the fans to keep the wearer comfortable. These adjustments are based on the “cycle and volume of the wearer’s breath”. Each fan has three speed settings but as mentioned, you don’t have to worry about all that. PuriCare takes care of everything automatically to help you breathe as natural as possible.

LG face mask Puricare Wearable Air Purifier
Image: LG

Cleansing mask case

Obviously the fans need a battery to function and in this case that’s a 820mAh unit. No that doesn’t seem like a whole lot of power, but according to LG it should be enough for about eight hours of clean air. Once the battery is empty there’s a special charging case to give it a boost. And if you’re worried about washing the mask, no need. The case uses UV-light to get rid of any germs. As for the filters, they need to be replaced every now and then. Thanks to the accompanying app you’ll know exactly when.

Unfortunately the mask isn’t for sale yet, but should be available at the end of the year. LG hasn’t mentioned anything yet about the pricing.

In the meantime there’s another techy mask you could go for. It doesn’t filter the air, but does have LED-lights to give it a personal touch.

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