This LED face mask says whatever you want it to

Lumen Couture LED face mask
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Not so long ago walking around with a face mask wasn’t exactly a normal thing in most countries. Well times have changed and nowadays companies are competing to make the most fashionable masks. Strange times but if we have to walk around covering our faces why not do it in a flashy way? Enter the LED Matrix face mask by Lumen Couture.

Illuminating face mask

Lumen Couture was founded by FashionTech designer Chelsea Klukas and explores the edges of where fashion meets technology. The company is known for its (literally) brilliant fashion that incorporates LED lights in a creative and classy way. So no gimmicky illuminating t-shirts to be found here.

In response to the coronavirus Lumen Couture started producing face masks some time ago and they’ve proven to be quite popular. The black mask might seem simple at first, but has a little secret. Obviously it’s outfitted with LED lights and what’s even more fabulous is that you decide what they do.

Lumen Couture LED face mask
Image: Lumen Couture

Unique message or design

Have an important message to share? Tell the mask which text to display using your phone. It’s also possible to draw your own designs or to go for an equalizer effect by connecting the mask to your phone’s music.

The mask itself consists of a dual-layer of cotton and a mesh material with an LED panel. Obviously you’ll want to wash it and luckily that’s possible. The electronics are removable for safe washing, but keep in mind that it’s not a medical mask. Lumen Couture makes no claims for medical protection and warns customers to use the mask at their own risk.

Lumen Couture Chelsea Klukas Matrix face mask
Image: Lumen Couture

Buy it or make it

To be honest we didn’t think anyone would mistake it for a medical mask, but you can never be too sure. The flashy mask is available on the Lumen Couture website for 95 dollars. For every mask sold the company will give 40% of the profits to the WHO COVID-19 Response Fund. But even if you don’t have the money, Lumen Couture wants you to be able to have an LED mask. Check out their YouTube channel for a tutorial on how to make the mask yourself.

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