Are you already on this very vocal new social media app?

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As the world keeps evolving so does social media. We’ve gone from strictly text based platforms to image focused apps and now we’re ready for the next thing: audio. And when we say audio we literally mean only audio. Meet Clubhouse, the voice-based Twitter.

Casual drop-in audio conversations

So Clubhouse is a social media platform exclusively focused on audio. Instead of snapping your latest outfits or tweeting your frustrations, you get to mesmerize people with your voice. Just like with Facebook or Twitter there are private and public accounts about numerous subjects to follow down the rabbit hole.

Its makers describe Clubhouse as “a space for casual, drop-in audio conversations”, but unfortunately not everyone can join just yet. The app is currently in a private beta phase, which means it’s invite only. You can however download the app to join the waitlist, so you might get lucky soon. We should mention that currently only iOS users can start downloading, but there are obviously plans for an Android version in the future.

Celebs in da Clubhouse

Once you’re in you can start spewing your thoughts, but you could also listen in on other conversations or even join them. You might even get to chat with your celebrity crush as celebs seem to be testing the waters as well. At the moment you’ll find the likes of Oprah, Chris Rock, Jared Leo, Drake and Kevin Hart on the platform.

All conversations in the app happen live so in theory there should be no record of your babbling. And although it’s not possible to record anything through the app, someone could of course use an external device to gather some blackmail material. In any case it sounds interesting and might be a welcome break from having to look unrealistically good all the time.

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