AliExpress: 5 sleek gadgets for your new M1 Mac mini

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Late last year Apple made the world a slightly better place with a new line-up of powerful Macs. Among those is the Mac mini that might look the same, but packs Apple’s powerful M1 chip. To make the cute computer even more useful, I scoured AliExpress to find a few must-have Mac mini gadgets.

Practical docking station

Although the Mac mini is a powerful little thing, there are some areas of improvement. Like more USB-ports for example and maybe some expandable storage? This docking station takes care of both inconveniences. The dock connects to the computer through a USB-C cable and gives you two extra USB 2 and USB 3 ports. It even has slots for your TF and SD cards.

AliExpress Mac Mini Apple dock
Image: AliExpress

Then there’s the matter of extra storage. Because while 512GB (the largest storage option) is reasonable, you know you need more. Luckily the docking station is outfitted with a hard drive enclosure that supports SATA drives up to 2TB. Now we’re talking.

AliExpress Apple Mac mini docking station
Image: AliExpress

Price: 50.25 – 56.58 USD

Sexy externals

Unlike the MacBook Pro, the mini doesn’t come with a built in keyboard and trackpad. So you’ll need to buy some extra stuff to actually communicate with the thing. And you guessed it, AliExpress can also help out in that department. Here’s an especially sleek looking set consisting of a keyboard and mouse in true Apple style. Oh and they’re wireless so don’t worry about those USB-ports you just gained with the dock.

AliExpress keybaord mouse
Image: AliExpress

Price: 14.79 – 16.99 USD

Illuminating mouse pad

Of course your sexy new mouse will work better on a mouse pad and I found a non-slip specimen made out of natural rubber that brings something extra to the table. The pad is outfitted with RGB lighting in different modes to sooth your every mood. Available in 4 sizes.

AliExpress RGB mouse pad

Price: 7.38 – 20.57 USD

Hide that Mac mini

Although the Mac mini is a sleek looking device, you might want to keep it out of sight to minimize the stuff on your desk. And while some might call you a neat freak, Marie Kondo would certainly approve. This AliExpress mount keeps your mini hidden, be it under your desk, on the wall, or attached to your monitor.

AliExpress Mac mini mount
Image: AliExpress

Price: 14.9 – 15.99 USD

Or flaunt it

On the other hand you might want to give your Mac Mini some extra attention. In that case AliExpress has a sturdy looking case from PU leather to keep it standing proud. Luckily you can still access the ports, but I guess you can’t use it in combination with the dock. Choices choices…

AliExpress Mac mini cover
Image: AliExpress

Price: 12.69 – 13.91 USD

The new Mac mini is especially interesting because of Apple’s new M1 chip. It’s the first chip the iPhone-maker developed specifically for a computer. Discover more about the M1 in this article.

Header image by Joey Banks on Unsplash

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