Shine like a star with Beats’ glow-in-the-dark Powerbeats

Beats special edition Ambush powerbeats earbuds
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If you’re not someone who likes to fade away into the background, Beats has just announced something to help you get noticed. The company recently teamed up with design label Ambush to bring us glow-in-the-dark Powerbeats neckband earbuds.

Earbuds of the night

The freshly coated Powerbeats are a special edition of the neckband earbuds Beats already sells. Ambush co-founder and creative director Yoon Ahn took inspiration from Tokyo’s nightlife to give the earbuds some extra oomph. She explains: “I live in the middle of Shibuya and I am always inspired by how the city just glows at night time. I thought it would be really cool to design a product that could capture that same city energy when you’re outside late at night listening to music.”

During the day the earphones are a pale minty green, which is a nice addition to the current color options. But as soon as night falls the Powerbeats come to life and proudly glow bright green. That not only makes them look more interesting, but it can also be handy if you like running in the dark.

Beats Powerbeats necklace earbuds
Image: Beats

Powerbeats specs

Obviously the special edition buds come with the same specs as the original pair. So you can expect the same battery life of 15 hours, Apple’s virtual assistant Siri to help out and the iPhonemaker’s H1 chip for sweatless pairing. But if you do happen to sweat, don’t worry. The earphones also have an IPX4 rating to deal with that.

As usual you’ll find the Powerbeats earbuds on You’ll also find them in select Nordstrom stores and on when they’re back in stock. They retail for 199.95 USD, which is 50 dollars more than the regular model.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Beats is planning to give their wireless earbuds a glowy makeover. But if you’re on the lookout for non-glow-in-the-dark buds, the Skullcandy Sesh Evo and Indy Evo are decent options.

Source: The Verge / Header image: Ambush

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