This smart makeup device detects and erases dark spots for a flawless complexion

Opte smart makeup device
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Have you noticed how everything seems to be getting “smart” lately? We have smart lighting, intelligent fridges and even our clothing seems to be growing brains. Well here’s another thing to add to the list: smart makeup. Opte has created a device to analyze your skin and apply makeup only where you need it. Smart flawless skin here we come.

Magic wand

Opte refers to the device as the wand and although it’s not a magic wand, it sure seems to be performing some impressive magic. But of course technology is at the base of this magic, as the high-tech wand uses a digital camera and safe blue light to scan the skin for age spots, sunspots and hyperpigmentation. The spots are analyzed in real time using the company’s patented precision skincare algorithm.

Opte smart make up want beauty
Image: Opte

Smart makeup only where needed

The next step is where the visual magic happens and the spots seem to disappear. The smart makeup device applies a special serum on each spot, camouflaging it instantly. And even better, the device is said to reduce the appearance of age spots over time. We’re not sure exactly what’s in the serum, but Opte says it combines mineral pigments with powerful skincare ingredients. In any case the result is an airbrushed yet natural look that doesn’t feel heavy.

Opte skin retouch device
Image: Opte

To subscribe or not to subscribe

If you want to give it a go you can get the Opte system for 599 USD and serum refills for 129 USD. There’s also a subscription option for 65 USD a month, which comes with a few benefits. You get free expert consultations, refills automatically shipped every 90 days and according to the site you save 200 USD in the first year. So that’s something to think about.

Another device that promises smooth skin is Priori’s flexible LED-light therapy mask. This beauty gadget doesn’t cover up spots on the go, but does tackle wrinkles over time.

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