Glam up your cocktails with this artistic robot

Print A Drink #D printing robot
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As robots get more advanced the eerie future of AI domination we see in so many movies seems to be coming nearer and nearer. But we shouldn’t forget not all robots are out to get us. Some just want to make life more fabulous. The Print A Drink 3D printing robot for example is only here to make your cocktails glorious.

First 3D printer for drinks

According to its makers Print A Drink is the worlds first 3D printing technology for drinkable liquids. Instead of going for your (now) boring old cocktail the 3D printing tech takes your drinks to the next level. The accompanying robot can create complex 3D structures in a variety of liquids to give your beverages extra visual appeal. It should work with syrups, water, fruit juices and alcoholic drinks. Obviously the added art is edible and the Print A Drink site assures us it consists of natural ingredients.

Where a normal 3D-printer builds objects layer by layer, the bartender robot injects microliter drops of liquid to create its 3D shapes. The technology takes different methods from the fields of robotics, life sciences and design and merges these to bring a bit of extra sparkle into the world.

Print A Drink drinking robot
Image: Print A Drink

Home drinking robot?

Now before you get too excited, it doesn’t look like there’s an at home version yet. The company seems to be targeting events and exhibitions to impress guests. But the next step might be making a smaller version to enjoy at home. The good news is that it’s possible to program your own designs, so having a drink now and then might even be a good excuse to boost your creativity.

And while you’re at it: what would make your cocktails even more eye-catching is this levitating glass by Levitating X.

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