With this one change Alexa can spread her magic in a lot more devices

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Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is arguably still the most popular personal assistant out there when it comes to home automation. The assistant makes sure you can continue being glamorous while all the work around the house gets done automatically. And it seems like this automated joy will be spread around a lot more in the close future. Amazon has announced that the minimum RAM requirement for Alexa devices has been lowered. And it’s a good deal lower than it used to be.

One megabyte of RAM

Where back in the day devices needed a minimum of 100MB of RAM to be able to deal with Alexa, the minimum requirement has now been lowered to a measly 1MB. That’s a great deal lower than it used to be and means a lot more devices are eligible to jump on the Alexa train.

More affordable Alexa devices

It also means that the cost of a lot of Alexa devices kan be kept relatively low. Apart from the 1MB of RAM devices can be outfitted with Amazon’s virtual assistant using the relatively inexpensive and low power Cortex-M processor. Dirk Didascalou, Amazon Web Services Internet of Things VP, explained to Techcrunch that devices can now even be “ultra dumb”, because the majority of the processing work is done in the cloud. All the device itself really needs to be able to do is process “Hey Alexa”.

So the future looks quite bright for the virtual assistant and it looks like next year Alexa might even get a robot body. Amazon seems to have been busy with a home robot, although no one is quite sure yet what to expect.

Source: Techcrunch

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