Now THIS is a truly relaxing shower

Horizontal Shower Sieger
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Some people like to start the day off with a nice refreshing shower, while others prefer to wash the day away before going to bed. In both cases the shower is meant to be relaxing, but how relaxing can it really be when you have to stand up? That have must been what the guys over at Sieger Design played with, just before they created the Horizontal Shower. Because whatever you do, doing it while lying down is obviously much more relaxing.

Horizontal shower

The Horizontal Shower is, as you would expect, a shower that enables you to lie down while getting your daily rinse. The design has a minimalist feel, while somehow combining a rustic ambiance with a futuristic sense of interior design.

Horizontal Shower Sieger
Source: Dornbracht

The Dornbracht website, where the unique shower is featured, describes the Horizontal Shower as one that for the first time offers a reclining experience. And as we know in most showers it is indeed quite hard to go for that reclining experience, although some showers do offer the option to sit down.

Six massaging water bars

While lying down the Horizontal Shower makes sure your reclining shower experience is a relaxing one with six water bars massaging you from above. And of course you wouldn’t want to get up during your bathroom session, not even to make adjustments to the temperature or flow of the water.

Luckily you don’t have to either with the handy eTOOL control panel, which makes sure all of the basic functions are readily available within arm’s reach. There are even three pre-programmed water settings to choose from according to your mood: Balancing, Energizing or De-stressing.

As for the price? We’re not quite sure how much the Horizontal Shower will set you back, as there is no price listed anywhere. What we do know is that when such is the case, the price is usually something you really don’t want to know.

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