Get ready for virtual trick-or-treating this Halloween

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It’s probably safe to say that 2020 has been a totally different experience than we all anticipated. Cancelled travel plans, toned down birthdays and fighting over toilet paper to name a few things. And those are the less serious effects of the current pandemic. With Halloween just around the corner many families are rethinking the spooky holiday. Mars Wrigly however has a very clear message: Halloween is not cancelled. It will be bigger than ever, just virtual.

Ultimate Halloween adventure

To celebrate the holiday this year Mars Wrigly created Treat Town and invites everyone to joing the “ultimate Halloween adventure”. So what is Treat Town? It’s an app that serves as a digital and interactive substitute trick-or-treat experience. And while your children might be disappointed at the idea of trick-or-treating through an app, it has the potential to yield more candy than ever.

Treat Town halloween
Image: Mars Wrigley

Participating families can buy virtual candy credits to give to trick-or-treaters. These credits can then be redeemed for real candy from brands like Snickers, Skittles, Twix and M&M’S.

Whole month of trick-or-treating

But the thing is that children have a far bigger playground than just the local neighborhood. They can do their virtual trick-or-treating at friends and relatives across the whole country. And what’s more is that it doesn’t only have to be on the 31st of October. The virtual candy fest actually starts on the first day of October, so that means a whole month of Halloween.

Treat Town Halloween
Image: Mars Wrigley

To get prepared for the adventure families can make a profile, where the kids can help decorate the virtual door and create spooky avatars. Visit the official website or download the Treat Town app to sign up.

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