This AI necklace encapsulates you in your own little beauty bubble

Seymourpowell Atmosphere Collar AI beauty
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London based Seymourpowell has created a concept for a collar that uses artificial intelligence to keep you fresh and fab. The AI necklace, coined Atmosphère, encapsulates the wearer in a “beauty bubble”. This bubble shields you from toxic substances in the air, delivers beauty treatments and even acts as an on the go air conditioner.

Vapor emitting AI collar

How does the AI collar do all of this? Atmosphère has sensors that gather information, such as the pollutants in the air and the temperature at your current location. This data is combined with information on your skin type and preferred temperature to offer a personalized “treatment”. Vents around the edge of the necklace then emit a vapor containing the necessary products to optimize your beauty bubble. The AI involved takes into account the humidity and regulates the air filtration and beauty ingredients needed, such as a sun protection factor. And obviously there’s an app (cause there always is) to monitor the device at work.

Seymourpowell Atmosphere Collar AI beauty
Image: Seymourpowell

For the urban environment of the future

Mariel Brown, director of foresight at Seymorepowell, explains “when we project ahead, we can see that life in the urban environment is going to be incredibly tough. Poor air quality, restricted resources, soaring temperatures, long commuting times, loud and uncontrollable noise – this uncomfortable reality will take its toll on our mental health and sense of well-being”. The collar is designed to take the heat out of the situation so to speak. Because scarcity of water might be a serious problem in the future, the company sought to imagine “a future where water heavy beauty rituals might be replaced by entirely new tech-enabled sensorial experiences that allow us to feel rejuvenated and fresh”.

Seymourpowell Atmosphère app
Image: Seymourpowell

There’s also a chaise lounge

With these same ideas in mind, Seymourpowell has also envisioned a concept for a chaise lounge to help you out while at home. The sleek and futuristic looking piece of furniture would provide the same benefits as the collar and could serve as a refreshing bubble on a hot summer day.

Seymourpowell chaise lounge air conditioner
Image: Seymourpowell

Though if you do prefer hanging out in the sun, this table might be more up your alley. It uses solar panels to power up your mobile devices and has built in JBL speakers.

Of course we’d love to see Seymourpowell’s designs in stores soon, but for now the concepts will have to do.

Source: Designboom

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