Don’t want to walk around with a huge smartwatch? This ring does the trick

Motiv smart ring
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Nowadays a smartphone isn’t the only gadget we constantly have in close range. A lot of people also walk around with their smartwatches to keep track of various stats. Unfortunately most smartwatches are quite big and not very elegant to say the least. If you’re looking for a more stylish solution, the Motiv Ring is just what you need.

Sleek smart ring

The Motiv Ring has a subtle and sleek design and could just as well have been a minimalist wedding band made out of titanium. This sleek design however hides a host of different features to track your fitness. We should mention that minimalist is the key word here and that also goes for the features. You won’t get the long list of features of an Apple Watch, but just enough to monitor the basics.

Source: Motiv

Heart rate, active minutes and steps

The smart finger decoration is outfitted with a 3-axis accelerometer and tracks things like the number of active minutes, calories burnt and the number of steps you take. To monitor your heart there’s a heart rate tracker and the wearable also automatically detects when you fall asleep and when you wake up in the morning. Unfortunately the wearable doesn’t offer insights on the various sleeping stages, but all in all it does do more that you would expect from such a small gadget.

Ring sizing kit

To solve the problem of size Motiv sends you a sizing kit with seven ring sizes before you receive the actual ring. The company recommends wearing a ring from the kit for a few days before deciding on the best fit. And of course there’s also an accompanying app to motivate wearers towards their fitness goals.

Source: Motiv

Three colors

Motiv Ring is available for purchase through the Motiv website and comes in three different colors. It’s also worth mentioning that the smart ring is “seriously waterproof” up to 50 meters/5ATM’s.

Source: Motiv

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