AliPay adds beauty filters to shop in style

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Most of us have probably fooled around with filters at some point to get rid or those horrifying bags that seems to appear under your eyes out of nowhere or to smooth some wrinkles. In China they seem to take the whole filter business to a whole other level though. Even paying for online purchases should be done in style (and why not?) and that’s why Alibaba’s e-wallet affiliate Alipay has decided to add some beauty filters to the facial recognition system.

“Payment systems make you look ugly”

And if you’re thinking that this is one of those features that nobody asked for, then you’re dead wrong. According to a Sina Technology survey 60 percent of the participants thought that facial recognition payment systems made them look uglier than on a regular camera. And who wants to look ugly when they’re in the process of buying a new outfit?

Source: AliPay on Weibo

Alipay beauty filters

Exactly! That’s why Alipay decided to take action and ensure the beauty of its customers. Several beauty filters should be added to the system within a week. According to the company the new filters will make customers look even prettier than with a beauty camera.

Competitive advantage

And although beauty filters don’t really seem like a necessity in a payment system, they can definitely be a competitive advantage. Especially if most of your customers are very serious about their appearance.

Source: Techcrunch

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