This chatbot will tell you exactly what to do with the ingredients in your fridge

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In the past couple of months many kitchens around the world have been unusually busy. Since the lockdown a lot of us have been motivated (forced) to do our own cooking and have found that making tasty dishes can be quite a challenge. Fortunately there’s always some kind of tech to help out. In this case it’s a handy text bot that gives you the perfect recipe for the ingredients you actually have.

Cook Magic

The bot in question is called Cook Magic and is a product of Samsung’s Whisk acquisition. The piece of code is made especially for those of us who encounter a few ingredients in the fridge or pantry and then don’t know what to do. The idea is that you can text the ingredients to the bot to receive a suitable recipe.

Cook Magic
Source: Cook Magic

So next time you end up with some potatoes, asparagus and a piece of bacon, remember you have the option to see if Cook Magic can bail you out. Just text the ingredients to 415-634-2399 and wait for your salvation.

Unexpected success

Since the launch of the cooking aid many have tried it and it seems the overall sentiment is a positive one. Cook Magic even became the second most up-voted product of the day after appearing on Product Hunt. Not too shabby for something that “was intended as a fun test only and built in something like 24 hours”, according to Whisk CEO Nick Holzherr.

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Source: Ella Olsson on Unsplash

Add your own recipes

Of course not everyone is completely hopeless in the kitchen. Some of us even know how to make delicious recipes. If you’re one of those blessed people you could actually help those less fortunate by having your recipes features on Cook Magic. Send an email to to get the meatball rolling.

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