Miss shopping with your friends? Squadded brings the experience to your favorite online shop

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As we’ve been spending a lot of time inside, online group activities have become quite popular lately. Think Netflix Party to binge together from afar or Instagram Co-Watching for scrolling through numerous feeds with your friends. So what about shopping together online? Well if we’re to believe Squadded, that’s exactly what their Shopping Party solution is all about.

Shopping together online

Squadded Shopping Party is a brand new social platform launched by former L’Oréal brand manager Elysa Kahn. The platform aims to let you shop with your friends in your favorite online fashion stores as if you were actually together.

The idea behind the platform is that shopping isn’t just about buying a ton of things, but it’s more of an experience. One of the reasons we like shopping together is because we get immediate feedback about those killer(?) shoes or that dress that might be just a bit too short (or not). And it’s feedback that we actually value.

Squadded Shopping Party
Source: Squadded

More sales with groups

It seems people hitting the mall together is not only a positive experience for shoppers. According to director of customer engagement at Capgemini Invest Max H. Brüggemann ” people tend to have a higher probability to buy with another person or a group (because) a friend affirms decisions that one might not make when shopping alone”.

So shops are better off as well if their customers are able to browse their products together. It seems Kahn might be on to something here as the social platform seems to be enticing for both retailers and customers.

Squadded Shopping Party
Source: Squadded

Install, invite and shop

So how does it actually work? Squadded Shopping Party is a browser plugin you need to install before going on your shopping spree. After the deed is done you can check out which stores are available and invite friends to join your squad. Find anything you like? Click the Squadded icon and ask your friends what they think.

And yes of course you could basically do the same with Facebook for Instagram, but the shopping party does make the experience more organized and dedicated. You can for example also use the platform to share your wish list with your squad or interact with the brand’s community.

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