It’s almost time for the Project Runway successor that lets you buy your favorite looks

Making the Cut Amazon
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If you’re a fan of the show Project Runway, but get frustrated because you never actually get to wear you favorite looks, we have good news. Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn have partnered up once again to bring you a brand new fashion reality show called Making the Cut. And the great news? You get to buy the winning designs afterwards.

Making the Cut

The television series was announced back in june last year and next week we’ll finally get to see what Klum and Gunn have in store for us after their Project Runway exit. Making the Cut will be hosted by the duo and according to the announcement we should expect the likes of Naomi Campball, Nicole Richie, Carine Roitfeld and Joseph Altzarra behind the judges table.

How does it work?

As for how Making the Cut works, the show won’t be all that different from Project Runway. Viewers get to follow 12 designers from around the world as they fashionably fight their way to the top. The winner walks away with a million dollars to invest in their brand and the opportunity to design an exclusive line for Amazon.

Amazon Original

Oh yes did we forget to mention? The series won’t be available through Bravo, but instead we’ll be streaming it from Amazon’s Prime Video. And since Amazon already has the whole shopping thing mastered, they must have thought: well why not turn viewers into shoppers while we’re at it?. According to ET the winning looks will be directly available for viewers to purchase on Amazon for 100 dollars or less.

Making the Cut will be premiering on march 27th, so we only have 8 more days to go. If you need something fashionable to binge right now, you could head over to Netflix for Next in Fashion while you wait. It’s no Project Runway, but it just might satisfy your appetite.

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