Enhance your beauty routine with the ultimate smart mirror

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By now we all know that smart mirrors exist, but not all are made equal. Usually it means a mirror with LED-lights, questionable Bluetooth speakers and possibly some weather info. For ICON.AI that would probably be some kind of blasphemy. The beauty device maker teamed up with Harman/Kardon to give us the be-all and end-all smart mirror, or should we say Zmirror.

Display and skin analysis

The Zmirror is a 5-in-1 smart mirror designed to meet al your beauty needs. First off it comes with the usual LED-lights so you can actually see what you’re doing. Go for cool, white or warm lighting that’s evenly diffused or use the thing as a moodlight with different color options.

zmirror smart mirror
Image: ICON.AI

Now of course sometimes even with light you don’t exactly know what to do. Don’t fret because the smart mirror also has a built-in display to check out YouTube video’s with instructions for your new look. Another thing that can help out is the mirror’s ability to analyze your skin and give you product and treatment recommendations.

zmirror smart mirror skin analysis
Image: ICON.AI

Smart mirror with quality speakers

And if you want a nice beat while you’re working your face, no problem. As we mentioned this is a collab with Harman/Kardon, so you can count on quality Bluetooth speakers. Even Alexa is built in to ask your burning questions or help out with your smart appliances. And just to go the extra mile the Zmirror is also an anti-fog and anti-fingerprint mirror.

If you want to get your hands on the ultimate smart mirror, sign up on zmirror.com to get access to the launch day deal of up to 40 percent off. Unfortunately the site doesn’t tell us how expensive that will turn out to be. But if you do get hold of the thing, definitely check out these five Alexa skills to take your beauty routine up a notch.

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