This gadget finally lets you take pictures with your Apple Watch

Wristcam Apple Watch band camera
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For many the Apple Watch is the crème de la crème when it comes to smartwatches. It seamlessly integrates with your other Apple gear, is chock full of features and has even saved a few lives. Something it doesn’t have though is the ability to take pictures. But as that’s exactly what we want to do with it the makers of Wristcam have taken matters into their own hands. Let’s take a look at the high-tech Apple Watch add-on.

Apple Watch with two camera’s

Wristcam was developed exclusively for the Apple Watch to give us one of the features the wearable still lacks. It’s basically a band with two HD camera’s for your selfies or pictures and videos of your surroundings. Switch camera’s with the push of a button to start snapping on the go.

Wristcam Apple Watch band
Image: Wristcam

As you’d suspect the wristband connects to your Apple Watch through Bluetooth. And when you’re finished snapping away you’ll find your pictures in the accompanying app on the smartwatch. To help keep the people around you aware that you might be recording them, the band has bright LEDs next to both camera’s. When capturing a single pulse means a photo has been taken and a continuous pulse is reserved for video.

Wristcam Apple Watch band
Image: Wristcam

Wristcam colors and sizes

If you want to give it a go the handy band is available on the official Wristcam site for 299 USD. The band comes in different colors and sizes. At the moment the 42/44 mm Apple Watch edition is available in the colors Noir, Blanc, Gray and Sage. And if you have a 38/40 mm watch you can go for Noir, Blanc Gray and Rosé. More colors are coming though if that doesn’t sound enticing. With your order you’ll get a large and small band to switch things up.

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