Spacecations are about to become a real thing

Voyager Station space hotel
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Have you ever dreamed about vacationing in space? It’s something we’ve seen in numerous tv shows and movies. Most of us probably never thought it would happen in our lifetimes though. Well guess again. We might be able to plan a spacecation as soon as 2027 (really hope the pandemic is over by then) thanks to the Voyager Station space hotel.

Space hotel

The Voyager station is a space hotel envisioned by the California based Gateway Foundation. Initial plans for the hotel were released back in 2019, showing a circular design including 24 modules connected by elevator shafts. Although the outside of the station looks like something we would find in Star Wars or Star Trek, sketches show an interior that pretty much resembles your average earthbound luxury hotel. That is of course with the added out-of-this-world views.

Voyager Station Orbital Assembly Corporation
Image: Orbital Assembly Corporation

The hotel is set to be built by Orbital Assembly Corporation. According to Tim Alatorre, senior design architect at the construction company, the hotel’s design aesthetic is a direct response to the movie “2021: A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick. Instead of the sterile alien environment we see in the movie, Alatorre and his team chose to go the opposite direction. That means chic bars, restaurants and warm suites.

Voyager Station space hotel
Image: Orbital Assembly Corporation

A bit of earth in space

Of course it won’t be exactly like visiting an earthly hotel. The company has different things planned to give visitors an outer space experience. The hotel’s restaurant plans to serve spacey food, like freeze dried ice cream, for example. Then there are some activities that play with the altered gravity in space. Playing basketball, you could finally make that slam dunk. And in space you could seem as strong as you think you are by lifting things you wouldn’t be able to on earth. Even running is a very different experience without Earth’s gravity. But don’t worry. The space hotel also uses artificial gravity, so you don’t have to float around all the time.

Voyager Station space hotel
Image: Orbital Assembly Corporation

Don’t pack just yet

According to the schedule, construction of the Voyager Station should start in 2026 and as soon as 2027 the hotel should be ready for its first visitors. Unfortunately booking a spacation will probably cost a pretty penny. For reference Virgin Galactic plans to charge travellers 250,000 USD per trip to fly around in sub-orbital space. But there’s hope as the team behind Voyager Station says they want to eventually make a stay at the space hotel the equivalent to “a trip on a cruise or a trip to Disneyland”.

Source: CNN Travel / Voyager Station
Header image: Orbital Assembly Corporation

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