How technology saved Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, but unfortunately not everyone will be able to celebrate it with their significant other. That is in real life, because fortunately technology is here to save the day. This is how you can still (sort of) spend the day together.

Virtual movie night

Most streaming services support a mode to watch movies together, even when you’re not really. If you both have Netflix, Disney, Hulu, or HBO, you could use Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) to enjoy a virtual movie night. Teleparty synchronizes the playback and also gives you a group chat. Of course you could also add FaceTime or Skype to actually see each other.

man looking at television with Netflix

Save me Obi Wan Kenobi

Just like in Star Wars you could also send a hologram message. The app Fectar allows you to turn yourself into an augmented reality being, so your loved one can see you standing in his/her own surroundings. Just like you’re actually there. Fectar is a paid app, but you can start with a free trial to record your Valentine’s Day message.

Augmented reality chat

If you also want to interact in AR, you could try out the chat app Tele. It basically blends your faces with an avatar, so you can both see each other in AR while celebrating Valentine’s. It’s a step up from video calling, as you seem to be in the same room as the avatar. Unfortunately Tele is only available for iOS users, as it makes use of Apple’s TrueDepth Camera. That means you can use it with the iPhone X and later.

Romantic stroll

For even more immersion you could both enter the virtual world of a multiplayer VR game. There are different games to choose from, like The Forest VR, Arizona Sunshine and Rec Room. But for something more romantic (and less stressful) you could go for No Man’s Sky. Explore endless galaxies with your boo and who knows, it might even become your new thing.

I wish you all a brilliant virtual Valentine’s Day and hopefully everything will be back to normal next time around, If you’re still looking for a gift, these audio earrings or this gadget that lets your Apple Watch take pictures are pretty neat.

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