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Where virutal clothing used to be the domain of gamers, lately we’ve been seeing a whole lot more happening with the digital threads. From big fashion companies designing for virtual social media dress-ups to platforms popping up that exclusively sell digital fashion. Virtual couture is taking the world by storm and now the UK has its first master’s degree on the subject.

The era of virtual fashion

The master’s will soon be part of the curriculum at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Farnham. Professor Jules Dagonet, head of school for fashion at the university, believes now is exactly the right time for the course.

“Digital fashion is disrupting the industry and it was not an option to wait. We really see digital fashion as the future of fashion.”

According to Dagonet our increasing reliance on tech for communication and the growing importance of sustainability have cooked up “the perfect storm” for the sector.

virtual couture UCA
Image: UCA

Online vs. reality

It does indeed look like we’re moving to a world where virtual fashion, be it plastered on social media pictures or projected in AR, is becoming just as important as the physical counterpart. Especially for the younger generation, for which online representation is a big part of life. Why buy an outfit you’re only going to wear once for an Instagram pic if you can get it cheaper as a virtual version. The digital version would save closet space and would be a lot less wasteful for the environment.

Auroboros, created by Paula Sello and Alissa Aulbekova. is one of the fashion brands that focuses on digital fashion. Sello explains that their work reflects “what it means to be a brand in the 21st century, not only during a pandemic but also during the the third stage of internet when online starts to merge into reality”.

Starting september

The virtual couture course is set to start in September 2021. It focuses on the digital fashion trade. Samples of clothing are made digitally instead of in fabric before the final version is produced. This should make the design process a lot more sustainable, while it gives designers different options in the virtual world. If you’re interested UCA has virtual open day events to help applicants decide if the university is the right fit.

And who knows, with the rise of AR glasses we might even walk around in real life at some point with our virtual clothes. In any case Samsung is gearing up for some interesting AR adventures. Recently two videos leaked with their vision of what AR glasses will be doing for us.

Source: The Guardian
Header image: UCA

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