Valet 3 Limited Edition wirelessly charges your phone on 18-karat gold

Volonic Valet 3 wireless charger
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By now we all know the Russian website Caviar, that does truly extravagant things to smartphones. They use the most expensive materials to bedazzle devices and the prices definitely reflect all that glitter and glam. But Caviar isn’t the only company that loves mixing luxury with tech. Just take a look at Volonic’s Valet 3 Limited Edition wireless charger with its 18-karat gold housing.

Elevated charging experience

The wireless charger is surely a thing of beauty, but it’s a lot more subtle than Caviar’s creations. Yellow gold is combined with Vicuna wool to radiate luxury and style. Vicuna calls it a “unique fusion between fashion and technology that will elevate your charging experience”. We have to agree and would definitely enjoy charging our phones on some Vicuna Wool.

As opposed to a lot of other wireless chargers, the Valet 3 doesn’t require you to place your phone in a certain position. So you can just throw it on there and don’t have to worry about being precise. If you have more devices that need charging, that’s something Valet 3 can also handle. You can charge up to 3 Qi-enabled devices simultaneously, provided that they actually fit on the charger. The dimensions are 9,05 x 5,32 x , 0,57 inches (230 x 135 x 14 mm) so that’s pretty spacious.

Volonic Valet 3 wireless charger
Image: Volonic


If you’re wondering how much gold was used for the housing, Volonic mentions 1500 grams of the precious metal in the specifications. Other specifications include an 18-coil matrix featuring Aira’s FreePower technology and 3 LED charging indicators. And while you’re charging you can count on up to 22,5W for the charging speed. As for the price… you’ll have to be ready to part with 251,202 USD to get your hands on the charger.

Another wireless charger that might be a bit more practical these days is Samsung’s UV Sterilizer. It’s basically a box that charges your phone while killing off germs and bacteria.

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