This box promises to prolong the shelf life of your food up to 141 percent

Uvera box against food waste
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Every day a lot of food goes to waste due to a number of reasons. Some of the reasons have to do with regulations and companies only caring about profits, which is something that’s difficult to change immediately. One thing you can do however is look at your own food waste. If you want to keep your groceries fresh longer, Uvera promises to Increase the shelf life up to 97% on average.

Ultraviolet light for fresh food

So what is Uvera? It’s basically a box you can put your food in to keep it fresh a lot longer. The countertop food storage device was introduced during CES 2022 and uses ultraviolet LED-light to kill pathogens that would otherwise increase the rate at which your food spoils.

Up to 141 percent extra freshness

And it’s not just for a day or two. The company behind the device promises to increase the freshness of meat by 33 percent. The numbers go up if we look at fruits and vegetables, as Uvera should keep them fresh 123 and 141 percent longer respectively. The company even goes as far to claim that the device does this within 30 seconds and without any chemicals. And when you’re ready to prepare your meal, you shouldn’t notice any change in texture, taste, flavor and aroma.

Uvera gadget app
Uvera app / Image: Uvera

As everything has an app these days of course Uvera also needs one. The app isn’t out yet, but when it is you can use it to check what’s inside the container. You can even ask Google Assistant to check for you if you’re too lazy. Other handy features of the application are spoilage notifications and the ability to match ingredients to recipes.

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Header image: Uvera

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