This mobile dishwasher cleans more than just dirty dishes

Capsule dishwasher
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When you live in a small apartment it can be a real challenge to fit in all of your belongings, while still keeping things organised. Appliances that are deemed “not totally necessary”, like a dishwasher, often don’t make the cut. Fortunately more and more companies are focused on city living and one of the resulting products is the very compact Capsule dishwasher. A device that cleans a whole lot more than just your dishes and doesn’t only rely on water to do it.

Capsule was created to address the needs of modern households or office spaces. The compact appliance is a countertop model and only takes up 9,8 inches (25 cm) of space. Despite its small physique there’s quite a lot of space for your dirty dishes. According to Capsule’s makers, Loch Electronics, you should be able to fit in all your dishes from a meal for 2 as well as larger, more awkward items.

Capsule counter dishwasher
Image: Loch Electronics

Eco-friendly and quick

If you’d love to have a dishwasher but are concerned about the sustainability aspect, we have good news. The dishwasher is actually quite eco-friendly and can save you water and energy. A wash takes about 15 minutes and uses two jars of water. “when compared with washing dishes by hand, Capsule saves seven times water and four times energy,” at least that’s what Loch Electronics says.

So I mentioned the appliance washes more than just your dishes and surprisingly enough there’s a vegetable wash mode. I’m a bit doubtful about saving water there, but who knows. Then for your facemask and other items that really need a thorough cleaning, Capsule even has UV-lights for some medical grade disinfection. That’s all very handy, but the most convenient part about the dishwasher is that you can even use it without plumbing.

Capsule Dishwasher
Image: Loch Electronics

Kickstarter dishwasher

Head over to Kickstarter if you want to give it a go. You can get the 3-in-1 dishwasher for a pledge of 283 pounds, or about 400 USD. The estimated delivery time is February 2022, so you’ll have to keep up your own routine for 2021. As usual, be vigilant when it comes to crowdfunding projects.

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Header image: Loch Electronics

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