This is the ebike Elon Musk would ride

Tesla Model B ebike
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It might be hard to imagine Elon Musk riding a bike with all his Teslas, but he might be tempted if something like the Tesla Model B were to exist. Nope it’s not a model you missed, but Kendall Toerner’s vision of what a Tesla ebike might look like.

Tesla worthy ebike

The electric bike is definitely sleek enough to be a worthy Tesla and sports a minimal yet striking design. You can see it’s a bike, but it’s also immediately clear that there’s something more happening here.

The most notable thing about the ebike is probably the new way of steering. Instead of physically moving the steering wheel, riders only have to apply some pressure on the side they want to steer to. The front wheel then turns independently based on the handle input and autopilot sensor data (yes there’s an autopilot). In Toerner’s vision the autopilot is able to autonomously guide users out of harm’s way or get users to their destination.

Tesla Model B electric bike
Image: Kendall Toerner

Integrated display and two motors

Of course there’s also a display riders can use to navigate and customize the bike. LiDAR-sensors scan the environment for obstacles, which you in turn can see on the display. Or you could just look ahead, but hey it’s a cool feature. Then of course you could also use the display to check your speed, the battery life and other stats. As for the motor, there are actually two: one for each wheel. Toerner doesn’t give any further specs about the motors or battery, but I bet they’re something spectacular.

Tesla Model B ebike
Image: Kendall Toerner

So what do you say mister Musk? Can we have a Tesla ebike? In 2018 he did say an electric bike isn’t out the question, so who knows.

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