Trouble falling asleep? This sleep robot might be the answer

Somnox sleep robot
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Getting a good night’s rest isn’t only beneficial for your mood the next day. It also comes with several health benefits and might even help you lose weight. But sometimes it can just seem impossible to fall asleep with endless thoughts racing through your mind. So have you ever tried sleeping with a robot? According to Somnox it could be your ultimate sleep buddy.

Breathing robot

Don’t worry, the Somnox sleep robot isn’t some creepy AI trying to kill you during the night. It actually looks more like a massage pillow, but with breathing capabilities. The cuddly robot helps you slow down your breathing, resulting in a more relaxed and deep sleep.

To do this the pillow is outfitted with sensors that detect your breathing pattern. This information is used to generate a breathing pace that adapts to your own and guides you towards slow and deep breathing techniques. Just spoon the robot to feel it “breathing” and your own inhaling and exhaling will subconsciously adapt to the slower pace.

Somnox sleep robot
Image: Somnox

Soothing sounds

That’s not all the tricks the Somnox sleep robot has up its sleeve though. It can also play soothing sounds and white or pink noise to get you to the land of dreams even faster. Just select your preferred sounds in the accompanying app. The Somnox app is also where you can choose different sleep programs and personalize the robot’s breathing. According to the company users report falling asleep about 50 percent faster and improving their sleep quality by 90 percent on average.

Somnox sleep robot mobile app
Image: Somnox

If you want to try out sleeping with the robot you can get it through the Somnox website for 599 USD. And since it’s all about breathing it should make for the perfect meditation buddy as well.

There are cheaper ways though to get technology to help out with your meditation routine. These three meditation apps are totally free and should leave your more relaxed, happy and mindful.

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