The Somnox sleeping robot just got better at making you drowsy

Somnox 2 robot
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If you’ve ever looked for ways to improve your beauty sleep, you might have come across the Somnox robot. This robot is in fact a pillow that accompanies you throughout the night and helps adjust your breathing for a speedy trip to dreamland. Well according to its makers Somnox just transformed into a better sleeping buddy. Let’s take a look at Somnox 2.

The sleeping robot is outfitted with different sensors that can measure your breathing. To get you to fall asleep, the thing then starts “breathing” as well. The movement of the pillow should get your breathing to slow down and according to the developers, that’s the key to falling into a long and deep slumber.

Improved algorithm and softness

The original Somnox robot already had the breathing functionality, but the latest version is supposed to be outfitted with a better algorithm. That means the new robot should work in almost all sleeping positions or even during your breathing exercises during the day. Another difference between the two sleeping buddies is that the latest version is smaller, lighter, and softer than its predecessor.

Somnox 2 sleeping robot
Image: Somnox

Then there’s the speaker, yes the robot can actually make sounds. The speaker also got an upgrade with Somnox 2 and can be used for sleeping aids, such as soothing sounds, podcasts or meditation. Of course you could also use it during the day to play your favorite tunes. Last but not least, there’s also an accompanying app. Use it to customize the pillow to fit your needs and preferences.

Somnox 2 sleeping robot
Image: Somnox

Try out Somnox sleeping

If you don’t believe anything you’ve read so far, no worries. You can test the sleeping buddy and if you’re not satisfied after 30 days, the company promises to give you back your money. Speaking of money, the robot comes with a price tag of 549 euros. That’s about 636 USD, which is actually almost 60 USD down from the original price. At the moment Somnox 2 is available in The Netherlands and Belgium, with an early 2022 release planned in the U.S., Canada and different European countries.

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Header image: Somnox

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