Stay connected to your loved ones with Skiin’s smart underwear

Skiin smart underwear
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As we pretty much walk around with our smartphones all day and have our social media apps a tap away, it’s easier than ever to stay connected. But some would debate how meaningful that connection actually is. Well Skiin has thought of an interesting way to get a more intimate connection with your loved ones. Yep you read the title right, stay connected with smart underwear.

Your underwear is watching you

So how does this work? The collection consists of briefs and a sports bra for women and boxers and a tank top for men. Each item has an small embedded tracker to keep an eye on your own and your loved one’s stats. If you’re thinking this sounds a bit creepy, we’re right there with you. We should mention though that Skiin seems to aim the smart underwear at keeping tabs on people that might need some extra care.

Skiin smart underwear
Image: Skiin

“The built-in chat feature in the app lets you have meaningful face-to-face video conversations with your loved ones along with their live biometric data, allowing you to better understand what mom or dad mean when they say that they “feel fine” or that “something doesn’t feel right.”

Heart rate, location and posture

So at the moment the smart undies can track several things through the accompanying app: heart rate, posture and the location of the wearer. The posture tracking feature keeps an eye on your or your loved one’s activity, duration time of the activity and the number of steps taken. It also sends a notification if the wearer were to slip and fall. Skiin has a bunch of new features planned though, such as sleep tracking, a diary, ECG analysis, pulse oximetry and temperature monitoring.

Skiin smart tank top tracker
Image: Skiin

If you want to get your hands on the special underwear, you can sign up on the Skiin website to get added to the waitlist. Unfortunately we have no information on when the undies will be available for some intimate tracking.

If you on the other hand want to stop anyone from tracking you, Sara Sallam has some futuristic jewelry to help out. It hides you from invasive surveillance, such as facial recognition, heartbeat monitoring and gait tracking.

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