We could so see Stormtroopers riding this ebike

Skeleton ebike by Gary Liao
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If Stormtroopers were to ever trade in their speeder bikes for an alternative with wheels, we’re pretty sure it would be the Skeleton by industrial designer Gary Liao. Yes Skeleton is the name of the electric bike and if you take a quick look at it, you’ll probably see why. So what’s the deal with this skeletal looking piece of transportation? We’re here to find out.

Bony ebike art

The ebike’s design aesthetic stems from Liao’s love for the intricacies of human anatomy. You might have guessed that the skeletal structure in particular is one of the designer’s favorites. Liao doesn’t see bikes merely as a means of transportation, but rather as an actual work or art. Put those things together and Skeleton is really the only thing that could have happened.

Skeleton ebike by Gary Liao
Skeleton ebike / Image: Gary Liao

The electric bike was designed to enhance urban mobility and was created to mimic the look, design and functionality of the human bone structure. The frame resembles the porous structures inside our bones, as does the inside of the tubing. The aim is to create an agile and lightweight, yet sturdy structure, which is pretty much what our bones are.

Conceptual Skeleton ebike

Unfortunately the ebike doesn’t actually exist, as it’s still in its concept phase. As such there aren’t really a whole lot of specs available. What we do know is that the battery fits neatly inside the rear frame and can be removed for easy charging. We also know that the electric bike would be outfitted with 20 inch carbon fiber wheels in combination with a light belt drive system.

Skeleton ebike by Gary Liao
Just like bones / Image: Gary Liao

So it’s up to Gary now to bring this creation into the real world (or maybe the Metaverse for now?). The Stormtroopers are counting on you! Another interesting electric bike is the X One by Rayvolt. It might not have the Stormtrooper factor, but this bike can actually recognize your face.

Header image: Gary Liao

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