Purify your air with this sneaky piece of art

Sauberair FLAT painting air purifier
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Now more than ever it’s important to keep the air in your home clean. Which isn’t really that big of a problem as there are a whole lot of air purifiers out there. The problem is that most of them aren’t that great to look at and don’t blend in with the rest of your interior. Enter the Sauberair FLAT. This air purifier looks like a painting of whatever you want hanging in your room.

Most compact air purifier

According to its makers the Suberair FLAT is the most compact wall-mounted air purifier on the market. And with a thickness of only 3,5 inch (9 cm) it is indeed very flat. Perfect for hiding in plain sight, disguised as a painting. The device comes with a frame suitable for any art piece measuring 594 x 841 mm. This way you can make the thing blend perfectly with your own style and preferences. The frame itself is available in three color options: wood grain, white and black.

Sauberair FLAT air purifier painting
Image: Sauberair

As for the specifications: As usual there’s a filter, but in this case it’s not a HEPA filter. Sauberaur uses a self-developed filter that, according to the company, is as effective as a true HEPA filter. This new filter should greatly improve the energy efficiency, reduce the cost and extend the lifespan of replacement filters in combination with a smart aerodynamic circulation mechanism. At least according to the claims. With this system the air purifier should be able to clean the air in a 207 square feet (19 square meter) room within 12 minutes or purify a 345 square foot (32 square meter) room in 20 minutes. This cleansing power can be enhanced by combining multiple “paintings”.

Sauberair FLAT air purifier
Image: Sauberair

App and speaker

As usual there are different versions of the device to choose from. There’s a Lite version with five speed settings for the fan and an auto and sleep mode. When using the auto or sleep modes the purifier automatically adjusts the fan speed based on the air quality in the room.

Then of course there’s a connected version with an accompanying app, AKA the FLAT PLUS. With the app you can remotely control the device and share this control with family members. You can also use the app to check different stats, such as the air quality level, temperature and humidity and schedule the standby and sleep time modes. The third version adds Bluetooth speakers to the mix if you want your painting to play your favorite tunes.

At the moment the Sauberair Flat is still in its Kickstarter shoes. For a pledge of 469 USD the FLAT LITE can be yours. If you want to play around with the app the FLAT PLUS will cost you 559 USD. Add 60 USD to that if you want to use the thing as a speaker.

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